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A professional facial is like oil change for your car, you need to do them regularly.


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Zarah’s Signature Facial

Zarah’s signature mask is a facial mask used to lighten and brighten the skin as well as exfoliate the top layer of the skin which will eventually, after a few sessions, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and DARK SPOTS. The znon mask is used with the znon facial scrub brush and it should be performed under the guidance of Zarah.

There is no downtime with this facial nor any bruising. There is no pain involved and no bleeding. However, each individual react differently to any procedure. You might burn or there might be redness. Although Zarah takes full precaution and is very careful with her clients and received nothing but positive reviews, there is still a possibility for errors just like any other practice or spa related sessions.

I have read the precautions and ingredients that will be part of this facial. Therefore, I would like to proceed to book my 60 minute spa session with Zarah. I am consenting Zarah Choudhury, of Zarah’s Now Or Never to perform a scrub on me which involves an exfoliating brush and a mask made with honey, spices and fruits.I am not allergic to honey, nuts, cinnamon, turmeric, mint, apple cider vinegar, lemon, green tea, coffee, cucumbers, avocado and aloe vera.

I am voluntarily allowing Zarah to scrub my face with her signature facial mask and take full responsibility for my decision. I do understand that Zarah is not a licensed Aesthetician at the moment and is currently taking her licensing course. However, she has performed successful facials on women and have presented live videos of their results along with their testimonials.

Zarah will use her popular product- THE ZNON FACIAL BRUSH on me when performing my facial and it’s a brand new brush which I will take with me for FREE.
Zarah is also offering her most wanted WAIST SHAPER for 50% discount, which comes with her facial service.

Before I proceed to payment, I will confirm a date and time with Zarah. She does facials during the weekends unless she can accommodate you and your needs on another day. There are three timings she offers- 2pm, 4 pm, and 6pm.

I will not bring anyone along with me during my facial unless Zarah authorizes.

I will have to choose a time from the 3 timings she offers. I will email Zarah at to verify if I can choose a date and make my payment now.

I will now go ahead and proceed with my payment of $75 to book a date with Zarah. I understand that if I cancel 24 hours prior to my appointment, Zarah will grant me FULL refund of $75. I also understand, if I cancel on the same day, I will get a 50% refund which will be $37.50.