Gift Card ( $40) 1 Month Z’non Skype Weight Loss and Fitness Class




Are you confused what to gift a loved on on a special occasion just out of admiration? What better way to show someone your appreciation then to give them a meaningful gift which will only benefit them. The Z’non skype class is a live group weight loss, fitness and beauty guidance for 1 month. Imagine a gift that will change your loved one’s life inside out!

*Please email us your recipient’s email address. We will send them their proof of gift card order. I only offer two class timings at the moment. Class 1 is at 12 pm Dallas time and Class2 is at 8pm Dallas time. It’s Monday to Thursdays.

With the Z’non Skype Gift card, your love done will receive the following:

  1. Free 1 month full website access
  2. 16 total body fat burning sessions for one month
  3. 60 Minutes of TOTAL body fat reduction exercises
  4. Live weight loss help and guidance
  5. Live skincare help
  6. 4 days a week classes for full 60 minutes each day