Glass Skin Peeling Pads

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Alpha and Bera Hydroxy Acids


Why itll be different??
While the acids slough away dead skin cells, the texture performs a double exfoliation. The sea buckthorn will provide a quick lock in moisture and help skin recover faster.
A combination of revitalizing acids includes alpha and beta hydroxy acids. This smart combination helps to rejuvenate the skin, reduce dead skin buildup and minimize the appearance of pores.
Brightening Botanicals
Botanically derived ingredients like licorice and bearberry extract mimic the effects of traditional brightening agents, focusing on dark spots and discoloration, while aloe Vera and vitamin E provides antioxidants and a soothing effect.
Key benefits
*Exfoliates dead skin
*Brightens and boosts radiance
*Improves the appearance of dullness
*Targets the look of dark spots, irregular pigmentation, discoloration and prominent pores
*Smoothes skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines
skin concerns
*Signs of aging
*Enlarged Pores
***Suitable for all skin types. Especially, oily skin and dry dull skin.