Train With Zarah Fitness Class

$700.00 $50.00



A group fitness forum where I perform live classes
*PLEASE USE the Z’non address to register: 2300 W.Mcdermott Plano, Texas 75025
* NO REFUNDS once class starts on April 1st, 2020
*You can join from anywhere around the world
* LIVE Class will be 8:30 pm Monday-Thursday
* You will have access to all live videos you miss because we will use a private group on Facebook
*You all tune in and workout with me
*Women only
*ON THE NOTES please write your Facebook ID which MUST NOT be NEW and MUST provide evidence you are a female
* We will email you the secure group to join. It will not be on search engines because it is invisible to NON-MEMBERS
*$50 per month per person.
*This is to help ladies who are at home, and cant go to the gym.
*Total body workout
*Weight loss and fitness
*Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
*60 minutes each day
*FB live sessions
*Videos remain saved after each session so if you miss a live class, you can workout anytime using the session within 24 hours.
*Znon weight loss plans are given to follow
*Znon is a skincare company registered in Dallas, USA. Therefore, guiding women towards great skin is our top priority.
*You must consult your medical doctor before joining
***I make my classes fun and interactive. Trained online classes for years. This time its skincare guidance that is a bonus! So you all are very lucky!