The Znon Waist Shaper(With Zipper)



* Comes with a FREE ZNON facial scrub brush

*Heats up your core abdominal area allowing you to sweat more while you’re performing a good cardio or abdominal exercise.
* Wear it around the house when doing chores or when running errands outside. You will notice a huge difference when wearing it daily.
*Helps reduce back fat which is only possible through losing weight and daily exercises that target the back. However, wearing this shaper which heats up the back and compresses against it will help the process of back fat reduction 10x faster.
*Due to the excess water reduction from your mid section and the back, a smaller waist line will gradually appear with proper weight loss diet plan and daily fat burning exercises.
*Provides instant abdominal compression, lumbar support and supports your breasts from sagging during weight loss.
*Znon Tip: You should wear waist shapers during your daily activity and remove before going to bed. Gradually, you’ll see a smaller waist line.
You must follow the znon weight loss plan and workout with Zarah’s videos that is found on the website for 100% results.

Purchase 3 or more and get 1 waist shaper FREE. You can choose whether you want the zipper one or tank top one.

Here’s how to determine size-

145 pounds or less- Small
145-155- Medium
155-175- Large


*HAND WASH ONLY using a few drops of shampoo or soap

*Wash after each use and do not re-use for more than 2 days to avoid skin irritation due to sweat accumulation and absorption inside the shaper.?

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