Z’non dead skin removal peel serum(Pre-Order)

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Ships out on March 5th, 2018


1 oz Jar

May Last 1-2 months

Use: 2-3 pea size once per week

Expiration: 6/2017


***You use ONLY ONCE A WEEK AND 2-3 pea size to rub over face after the mask.

Made with aloe Vera, sodium lactate, germaben, water, hyaluronic acid, alcohol denat and camomile with lavender seed oil.

Helps removing the dead skin that is left of skin from the mask.

*** It does NOT contain nutrients so please dont think its a treatment. Its a tool just like the Znon facial brush. Not deliver nutrients into your skin.

Matter of fact I use it 1 time a MONTH. I just use the Znon facial brush gently each night then apply the Znon Youth Oil or Glow Serum and realized I dont even need the peel Serum.