Z’non Youth Oil 1 oz.

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1oz. Bottle

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Ingredients: Rose hip, sea bukhthorn berries, d-alpha- tocopheryl acetate, pumpkin seed oil.

*New batch contains licorice( skin lightener)


Benefits: Its one of the best facial product out there which can help? improve the skin’s appearance. It will help moisturize your dry skin, doesn’t make you break out or increase oily skin. Matter of fact it helps create a healthy balance so your glands are not deprived and produce excess body oil. It decreased skin pigmentation in so many including myself. Evens skin tone, helped decreased the appearance of sagging and wrinkled skin. It creates a noticeable GLOW. You can wear it during the day or night. Use it under makeup as I do and many others. Does NOT clog pores rather minimize big pores.

Ages : Anyone above 16 years old can use it and itll only help create healthy skin.

Use: Can be used day or night and even under your makeup.