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Weight loss and Fitness membership-$1 for 3 YEARS
Here’s what you’ll get once you sign up for the annual membership: 1. FULL Weight loss guidance including plans and meals for the following: *Pcos plans *Thyroid plans 2. Exercise Videos PERFORMED BY ZARAH herself and not just a link to a random YouTube video to follow. *Fitness videos FOR ALL LIFESTYLES *Waist trimming video *Recorded Skype sessions *Video for beginners *video for overweight women *Video for advanced level 3. Healthy kids( coming soon) *Plans for obese children *Video demonstrations?for kids 4. BEAUTY HACKS: *Skin and hair care videos: *How to attain youthful skin   After registration, please allow 24-48 hours to activate your access. We hope you enjoy your gifts and start your journey with us achieving all your goals.