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Website Membership-$50 for 12 months
Here’s what you’ll get once you sign up for the annual membership: 1. FULL Weight loss guidance including plans and meals for the following: *Pcos plans *Thyroid plans 2. Exercise Videos PERFORMED BY ZARAH herself and not just a link to a random YouTube video to follow. *Fitness videos FOR ALL LIFESTYLES *Waist trimming video *Recorded Skype sessions *Video for beginners *video for overweight women *Video for advanced level 3. Healthy kids( coming soon) *Plans for obese children *Video demonstrations?for kids 4. BEAUTY HACKS: *Skin and hair care videos: *How to attain youthful skin   After registration, please allow 24-48 hours to activate your access. We hope you enjoy your gifts and start your journey with us achieving all your goals.
$50 Sign Up
1 Month Website access
To accommodate women from various lifestyle, this subscription?is month to month so you are not stuck with ?long commitment of 1 year. If you are using paypal, make sure to turn your auto renewal off. ZNON does NOT store any billing info.
20 Sign Up
Train With Zarah-Monday-Thursday classes $40 per month
Train with Zarah VIA skype 4 days a week. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 60 Minutes each class that covers a total body workout. Skype membership comes with FREE month to month full access to the website where you will find full weight loss and fitness guidance. The website has all diet plans and workout videos. Watch the GET STARTED video to begin your journey once you login in.Website access ENDS along with skype membership. You must send a request on skype at the ID: train.with.zarah in order to be added to the group call. You must use the same name you register with. NO MALE NAMES allowed for use. You are not allowed to have any male over age 10 in the area you will workout in. If we catch a male answer the call or is in the area you are in, you will not be allowed to continue classes, membership will be revoked and zero refund. I am creating the best online exercise classes for women, let’s all work together to enjoy our sessions. Activation will take a few hours due to high volume. So after you register just allow us time to activate your website access.