1 cup boiled= 29 Calories Zucchinis are excellent additions to any low calorie diet, providing only 17 calories per 100 g with no saturated fats or cholesterol. Its peel is good source of dietary fiber that helps reduce constipation and offers some protection against colon cancers.It is a very good source of potassium, an important…


White Mushroom

1 medium= 4 Calories Just like crimini and portabella, white mushrooms (a cousin) can provide us with unique levels of immune system boosting support. Several recent studies have shown that they can also get rid of unwanted inflammation as well as aid in arthritic pain. Classical studies have already revealed that eating mushrooms helps protect…



1 cup=34 Calories Turnips are nutritious root vegetables popularly sought after in variety of cuisines across Europe, Asia and Eastern American regions. Although it’s the bulbous root that is widely eaten, its leaves are more nutritious. They have several times the amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.They are rich in vitamin C; provide about 21mg…



1 Medium= 11 Calories

Tomatillos are small fruits (used as a vegetable) enclosed in a husk. Similar to tomatoes but without lycopene, they have immune boosting attributes and great taste.

WITHANOLIDES: A powerful phyto-chemical and antioxidant.

Swiss Chard

1 cup= 7 Calories Swiss chard is one of the most powerful anti-cancer foods due to its’ combination of traditional nutrients, phytochemicals, chlorophyll, and soluble fiber. The generous amount of vitamin K that is contained in Swiss chard, is especially beneficial in the maintenance of bone health. VITAMINS K, A, C AND E: Chard contains…



½ cup steamed= 14 calories Winter squash, like other richly colored vegetables, provide and excellent source of carotenes. Generally, the richer the color, the richer the concentration. They also offer a very good source of vitamins B1 and C, folic acid, pantothenic acid, fiber, and potassium. Winter squash are also a good source of vitamin…



1 cup= 7 Calories Spinach has large dark green leaves and is now considered one of the world’s most healthy foods. Commonly recommended bynutritionists, especially for convalescents, asthenics (both those suffering from physical asthenia and those with nervous asthenia) children, rachitics, elder people and forpregnant women also because the plant is efficient in the process…



1 medium= 5 Calories Essential minerals such as copper, iron, manganese and calcium.A good source of folate scallions offer expectant mothers healthy DNA formation, and prevention from anemia. ALLICIN: An excellent source of this sulfur compound, which helps the body to get rid of bad cholesterol and reduce the amount of unhealthy fats produced by…



1 cup boiled= 52 Calories The rutabaga is a root vegetable that looks very much like a turnip with yellow-orange flesh and ridges at its neck. It is believed that rutabaga roots can aid in proper digestion and fill the body with cancer fighting nutrients. BETACAROTENE: Packed with this eye sight enhancing super nutrient. MINERALS:…


Romaine Lettuce

1 leaf= 1 calorie Often overlooked by nutritionists due its’ high water content, romaine lettuce is actually an excellent source of many nutrients. The vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber found in romaine lettuce are especially good for the prevention or alleviation of many common health complaints. FIBER Aids in the digestion of whatever food you…