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Z’non Facial Hair Bow

$15.00 $12.00

This adorable fleece hair bow is ideal for taking videos and pictures while demonstrating facial videos or pictures. It looks adorable while effectively keeping your hair off your face. It is super comfortable and stretches. Wear one while performing your weekly facials or just use it as a hairband while doing house chores.


Skin Rejuvenating Face Massager

$30.00 $25.00

***LIMITED TIME ONLY***FREE 5ml of the Z’non Youth oil.


High quality facial massager. Performing facial exercises such as stretching your mouth wide will only promote wrinkles and help LOSE skin elasticity. You need to massage your face each night before going to bed. Some of us are very tired from a long day and massaging the face with our finger tips is the last activity we want to do. Therefore, the Z’non Facial Massager will help tone, tighten and reduce wrinkles by massaging your facial muscles very easily. You just need to glide over your face with a top quality facial oil and perform this for 3-5 minutes each night. Wake up looking youthful.

Tip: Use the Z’non Youth oil before starting the massage. Also, studies have shown that sleeping on our face creates wrinkles. You should avoid rubbing your face against the pillow.




Z’non Silicone Facial Mask

$15.00 $10.00

The Z’non Silicone re-usable facial mask is excellent quality and adjusts to your face neatly. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t come off. Apply a powerful mask and absorb its nutrients within the skin faster! Keep the moisture locked in and experience the amazing effects of nutrient rich face masks that will work twice as better with a silicone mask on top.

Tip: Apply a nutrient rich powerful mask such as the Z’non Youth Mask or a natural mask you can create from fruits. Apply onto your face and then cover it with the silicone mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes or longer. Remove and wash off. You’ll notice soft, smooth and moisturized skin after one use.